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       Touchstone Recovery
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About Touchstone Recovery
Touchstone Recovery's Staff is dedicated to the belief that all who suffer from alcoholism and drug addiction can recover and return to socially responsible,meaningful and productive lives. We are committed to providing our clients with the most up to date and effective recovery treatment available. 

Our Business 

The roots of our organization were founded in the self-help concepts and principles of Alcoholics Anonymous. Individuals struggling with early sobriety were often housed with other alcoholics whom had successfully reshaped their lives and reinvented themselves.  

Alcoholics Anonymous, by virtue of its traditions, may not be involved directly with such efforts. The "Social Model Recovery" and "Recovery Homes" approaches became a movement of its own. We coupled that with the most widely accepted, evidence based models for treatment, to develop the treatment model we use today. 

Our founders lives have been intimately informed by the  disease of addiction and alcoholism; whether suffering as an alcoholic/addict or having loved one as a family member or friend. We are sensitive to the process of recovery and the treatment we rely on to support our clients and their families on their journey toward a meaningful life. Through time and experience we have developed a program that is based on love, respect, and the knowledge that people do get better.

Interested in learning more?
Kevin O'Hare, CCAM  

Founder & Chief Executive Officer  

Kevin suffered for over twenty seven years as an alcoholic before he found himself in a therapeutic recovery program in Southern California. He stayed with that treatment facility for over four years before embarking on a path which led him to begin creating Touchstone Recovery.

Kevin is passionate about the needs of those that come to Touchstone. He sees within each client part of himself. Kevin is an advocate at both the state and national level educating politicians and the public on the disease of addiction. Kevin is the co-founder of the Michigan Association of Recovery Residences and the National Association of Recovery Residences.  These Associations assure that a standard of practice and ethics are observed by all those Recovery Residences that bear the NARR Seal.  Kevin has worked diligently in Washington, D.C., with the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration, the Housing and Urban Development, Faces and Voices of Recovery, and the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, to assure that the best treatment possible is delivered to all those that seek it.

Katherine O'Hare

Program Director 

​Katherine comes to Touchstone with sixteen years of experience managing housing for co-occurring and  mental health populations and most recently traumatic brain injuries.  Recently she was responsible for the Neuro-Behavioral Programming of one of the State's largest Human Services Organizations.  She brings to Touchstone the extensive management skills related to Recovery Residences which will ensure program direction and service quality, providing staff supervision and leading efforts for behavioral program development.  She has years of experience in the mental health field working with individuals with co-occurring disorders, severe behavioral concerns, and working with older adult populations.  These skills translate into the assurance for Touchstone Residents that training, safety, and staff abilities are maintained to the highest possible standard with her history of exceeding regulatory standards of excellence.